Important for next version 2.5

  • [done] Playlist support: xspf , simple reading of wpl-xml. No error detection (doctype, etc.)
  • [done] Random play repeats song order after all songs have been played ten times. Thus user can return to the song played 500++ songs before.
  • GUI: scaling of GUI, two new layout formats.
  • Video support: GUI scales appropriate to video size
  • Video mask
  • [done] Remote-control: use SWFObject to embed flash with java script
  • Debug help:
    • [done] Runtime javascript debug information (ML)
    • [done] Debug help with javascript alert window (ML)
  • [done] User documentation

Important for future versions

Detailed information about the next version of the WebPlayer!

  • (3.0) Cover display support
  • (3.0) Add an "Download MP3" functionality/button to GUI and Remote API.
  • (3.x) Admin control panel: check for new player version
  • (3.x) Admin control panel: organize MP3s, creation of playlists
  • (3.0) Add multilanguage support concept
  • (3.0) XML config file for player coniguration (loop, random, ...)
  • (3.x) Visualisation of preloading state (turning symbol)
  • (3.x) DJ mode can be enabled by the webmaster. Vanadium can disable DJ mode if the client's internet connection is too slow.
  • (3.x) Share of songs functionality
  • (3.0) Color defines by user xml-file
  • (3.x) FLV support
  • (3.0) Using plugins for other codecs than MP3
  • (3.x) Change to Actions Script 3 or HAXE (plugins...)