WebPlayer 2.0.1

The WebMinster WebPlayer is a powerful MP3 Player which is based on Macromedia's Flash MX. With this MP3 Player you are able to play MP3 Files without any programming directly within your homepage! Due its small file size it can be loaded quickly and doesn't cause more traffic than an image! Download it now for free!
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  • loop function
  • playlist support new!
  • volume control
  • autostart function
  • seeking bar
  • displays id3 v1 and v2 information new!
  • resize able
  • debug mode new!
  • ...

(:vanadium width=240 height=64 bgcolor=#FFFFFF src=/wiki/uploads/WebPlayer/HomePage/Nighttime_Calls_Drowning_In_My_Tears.mp3 autostart=false loop=false version=2:)

(:vanadium width=240 height=32 bgcolor=#FFFFFF src=/wiki/uploads/WebPlayer/HomePage/wolfsheim_-_find_youre_gone.mp3 autostart=false loop=false version=2:)

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WebPlayer 2.0.1
Download (22 KB)

Manual for Version 2.0
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WebPlayer 2.0.1 available!

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